HP 6305 sff no ethernet/so no internet


new installation, no ethernet. tried pc-bsd disk that loads my dell ok: no sucess. tried old 10.00 pc-bsd disk , that did not install. ububtu 17 works but i do not like it. is there an anomaly to do with the network chip set in the HP6305sff? more important: anyone else hit this?


A bit more information about the hardware would help. Commodity PCs change hardware underneath the hood as they need to, without telling customers, so your specific HP6305sff may have different hardware than someone else’s.

Wired or wireless network?
Does TrueOS actually install for you?
Does everything BUT networking seem to work?
If TrueOS installs and runs, then as root (sudo or su), the output of the following may help others help you:
lspci -v

Wireless adaptors are hit or miss. Lot’s of Broadcomm chipsets may not have support (vendor NDA). Most wired ethernets should work.
What have you tried WRT netowrking?
How is the interface configured, DHCP or static IP?
Answers to questions like these are pretty critical in figuring it out.


Read this:

Collect hardware details.

“No ethernet”, “no success”, “did not install”, “is there an anomaly?”, “(hit) this”:

This is a nice riddle for the rest of the world.

“Anyone else hit this?”

Let’s wait, until everybody on this planet has
read Your posting. If anyone answers “Yes”, then let’s continue with this.


no network, no wireless the router has the wi-fi turned off and a long password. everything here is wired!

sorry all you good people, but this is my (possibly) last post. THERE IS AN EXPLOIT picked up with the last two emails and an ethics issue about passwords.

for dometic reasons i now have to find an anti virus for windows that works:- that is an oxymoron!


that is why i took the risk of posting. i dislike exposure. because of the “balance of probabilities” regarding an exploit i must not click on that link you so kindly sent me, i hope in good faith. several hours was wasted trying to get some sense out of the HP site, to no avail.

oh yes, because of what happened to my password i shall keep shtum about what the exploit did.

i am so sorry.


Of course, all computer manufacturers can be regarded as criminals because this is “Captitalism”, and people vote stupidly for this stuff again and again in so-called “free” elections.

But then I have to ask: Why did You buy their product in the first place?

And if it happened to You: Why didn’t it happen to many others, too?

Generally, You are right, of course. U.S.-American manufacturers are not trustworthy. But other are not, either. So what can one do?


Why did i buy it in the first place:because i dived into a dumpster.
one non-traceable machine!
by the by, accidents happen. as ordinary user, browsing the software downloads i had a diversion and decided to check the discourse… on return to the software i found that the install button had appeared. then i found that any new user had supervisor rights. THEN… i am presented with a very useful link! a classic trap, sad to say, so please forgive me if i am somewhat cautious.
TrueOS users are in a minority and those who truly understand the system can be counted on the fingers of one foot.
by the way our problems are not any of the >>ISMs<<, the real problem is people whose only pleasure and power is to destroy. hence pc-bsd… i loved 10.10.
instability of install disks: after some downloads from different sources, that came via the mail on DVD i might conclude that there is some sort of instability in the system. this instability is most evident in QupZilla, this seems to vary in color and style.-thank you whoever helped me on christmas day- so be it, some things are outside my knowledge base.
you remarked on my english earlier… my course supervisor was a jack vance fan, as am i. i was schooled (but not educated) in england. other influences include, but not exclusively, cordwainer smith and john WC.
other people have hit the instability in qupzilla, i read the posts, perhaps there is a particular susceptibility to corruption?
by the by, not all compilers can be trusted. it might compile ok with another compiler.
Blood and Feathers all over the chicken shack!