How Will you celebrate National FreeBSD day?


I’m having a party, I’m not sure how to express the BSD theme though.


I would like to celebrate with an TrueOS update, enjoy new problems. It is annoying if the shoe always pinches in the same place. For me it is the network.
But OK - if FreeBSD is ‘national’ I do not have to celebrate anything… which nation?


Seems to be only for proudly proud USA-citizens and their glorious nation. Let them celebrate as long as they still can. Probably, guns will be carried openly. Because: … whatever.


I didn’t see that in the announcement :frowning: Looks to me like Facebook post by someone who does not like much USA and its citizens who like to celebrate FreeBSD with guns - lol

I’m not Chinese, but I celebrate Chinese New Year because I like fireworks, though I don’t like when they use knifes to kill each other - lol


Don’t be worried.

I only wanted to see, if anybody reacted, and how. I felt a little bored.

In a few decades at the latest, You and I and the rest of us will all be dead.

This all is not important. This planet is 100% inhabited by idiots. There’s no special nation.

I only thought this:

In the Age of Trump, words like “nation” seem dangerous. It’s indirectly using and confirming conceptual categories of the Republican Party and their associated torturers, mass murderers, and war criminals.


Wouldn’t nice T-shirt be an excellent item and souvenir to celebrate 25 years of FreeBSD? I couldn’t find any ware related to the celebration. As is, I do celebrate much of FreeBSD almost every day, in iocage jail. But, I’ll make sure to check on my FreeBSD jail June 19 and invite my mate from Netherlands for ntalk/talk chat in FreeBSD jail for the celebration :)) Actually him and I should celebrate too, our first meet-up over Internet with 28.8 kbps modems (or maybe something slower, can’t remember now) on PC(s) running Slackware Linux using ntalk, 25 years ago in July of 1993 - lol


Wow, you and bsdtester really got out of the wrong side of the bed. Think of the energy your wasting on keeping up that level of despair. Focus on the good and the day goes better.


Let’s focus on “the Good”:

I know, “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Let’s focus:
Under Mussolini, “the trains worked on schedule.”

Under the Mongols, “trade could flow freely between eastern and western Eurasia”.

“Dropping Napalm bombs onto Vietnamese children created jobs in
bomb factories.”


This has gone a little off topic… It was supposed to be a positive thing, but somehow it spun into Donald Trump, Mussolini, trains, nationalities, Manhattan, and asteroids?.. Hollidays are good, and we now have an excuse to party FreeBSD style.


Sorry. On the positive side, I am looking forward to the True OS convention very much. Can’t wait to see how true improves to the point where even a non-geek like me can use it daily. not that I’m not trying, I’m just not trained in this stuff.