How to secure web browsing activities



I’d like to switch from Windows to a free desktop-oriented OS. I was thinking of TrueOS. I know it is secure as built on top of FreeBSD but I wonder how to secure web browsing activities (which are very dependent on the user actions, the browsers’ own security and the dangerousness level of the web sites).

First solution would be to install an anti-virus solution with realtime protection but there are none (I heard about ClamAV which is an on-demand scanner). I don’t know why because there used to be decent ones from Kaspersky or BitDefender and nowadays some are available for GNU/Linux like the ones from ESET or DrWeb.

A second solution could be to run the web browser in a jail/sandbox. From what I understood, it seems to be a good alternative to the anti-virus if everything is trashed at the end but it doesn’t seem to be easy to set for someone like me (Running firefox in a jail).

Lastly, I hearded about solutions sold in the Internet and consisting in running the browser on a remote box (I don’t know if I am allowed to put a link but I was thinking of turbo[dot]net as an example) but I don’t know if some run on a BSD system.

I’m looking for any advice that can be easily implemented for someone coming from Windows.

Thanks in advance.


Please read this link:

Trueos, the desktop , is becoming Project Trident. It’s being worked on right now.

Having said that. the past desktop release is 18.03. From within 18.03, you are able to start the TOR process and run all browser activity within TOR, I’ll assume that asnwers yoru question?


Hello RodMyers,

Thanks for your feedback (I’m still referring to TrueOS as the desktop-oriented BSD because Project Trident is not released yet).

I was not aware about Tor in the release 1803. My concern here is not really about privacy but more about the other common Internet threats (malwares, phishing, viruses, spam, etc…) on Internet.

On my Windows box I installed Kaspersky anti-virus to deal with them but what can be done on a desktop BSD ?

I’m not saying FreeBSD or TrueOS (or Project Trident) is not secure. I have doubts on web browsers’ security.


I doubt you’ll find any specialised software for that on BSD-like systems. That kind of problems are usually dealt with by having system up-to-date and tightening security. Starting with kernel-level measures implemented in Hardened BSD or OpenBSD (considered by many more secure forks of BSD), which gradually get ported to FreeBSD (sometimes off by default). Then running a web-browser in more restricted environment like limited account or jail / virtual machine. It all depends on how paranoid you wish to be.