How to install Telegram Messenger on TrueOS


Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you how to install Telgram Messenger in TrueOS, it is possible that many users like me, also want to use it on their system. We do not have a native Telegram Desktop client so I figured I’d do it this way and it works!

  1. Install chromium browser - sudo pkg install chromium
  2. Open chromium browser and search for telegram extension (most installed)
  3. Enjoy it !!

Here installed and working !!

I hope you are useful, greetings from Colombia, sorry for my bad english! ;.)


So this is just a browser extension?.. Or did you need a browser extension to download the application?


you can also use pidgin with the Telegram plugin


Hi friend ! this is a chromium browser extension for telegram messenger instead web page


Once UNSTABLE is released/pushed, 2/28/18, then the FreeBSD desktop-client will be available


You can also use the web client in Firefox (I’m sure other browsers work as well) if you’d rather not install chromium. the webclient is a tad heavy. Really looking forward to the native BSD client. The Linux dedicated client works right now via the Linux compatibility layer for the impatient as well.


the FreeBSD telegram-desktop is out in the latest UNSTABLE


Just verified. It is also available in the latest STABLE. :slightly_smiling_face:
Installing the telegram-desktop package via AppCafe went without any glitch.