How to install jdownloader?


There is bsd version but l dont know how:


I followed that link and there is no “BSD” version there.

Would you be willing to try an alternative like “DownThemAll” or do you want jdownloader specifically?


sarcastic humor, heavy on the sarcasm

you mean I have to do everything for you? :wink:

  1. sudo pkg install openjdk8
  2. Goto the download page listed
  3. grab other (save to Download folder, I assume)
  4. mkdir JDownloader
  5. cp Downloads/JDownloader.jar JDownloader
  6. cd JDownloader
  7. java -jar JDownloader.jar

all typing errors are my own :wink:

and that should get it and running. It did on my system


I always wondered how you opened .jar files on TrueOS… java -jar filename.jar seems to be simple enough. I’ll have to give it a try one of these days.
Thanks @RodMyers


today is one of those sarcastic response days :wink:

along with helpful(?) info as well



did that work for you?


yes thanks. Jdownloader.