How to install GNU/Linux applications


How do I install packages that are in deb or aur? Is there an easy way to do it?


This is NOT linux

freshports,org is your friend.

there is a way to use the linux subsystem, though it;s flaky

VirtualBox, VMware, and/or by bhyve


Just to add to that, if you are going to use Bhyve your CPU has to support VT-x and also Extended Pages support if it’s an Intel chip. If it’s an AMD chip it will require RVI or NPT support which as I understand it, I think it’s the same thing.

I got bitten by this one.


There are softwares for sure that is not compatible on BSD and as we all know that GNU/Linux is far more popular than BSD but I wanted to use BSD and I don’t want to deal with a lack of software available.

Thanks for the link.


I will keep that in mind.


When there’s no BSD version for a software I’d like to use, sometimes (rarely) the Linux version works.

And then, there is Wine. :wink:


How often do you encounter such an issue?

Oh lol =D Can Wine run GNU/linux applications on TrueOS?


Wine and/or playonbsd


Does playonbsd run on the Wine engine?


The vast majority of open source programs are available as ‘native’ packages. Mainly, closed-source apps such as Chrome and Spotify are the ones missing.
When you wanna run Linux binaries (by using the Linux compatibility layer) you preferably need to use CentOS RPMs, but take into consideration it isn’t easy if you haven’t got experience.
Wine is just for Windows programs, same as PlayOnBSD (wine under the hood).


Wine runs Windows software, which is often your last chance - if there’s any.

Currently I run: MS Office document viewers, MS Word 97, TeamViewer, Notepad++. I couldn’t find viable replacements for them in BSD or Linux.


Why wouldn’t you run a later version, isn’t that too old to even be compatible with the newer documents?


Why not. It’s compatible with newer documents.


Oh I see, why don’t you use a later version? How come you are using an old version?


Because it’s the best MS Word version ever.

For me, at least. :sunglasses:


Oh can you please tell me how it is the best word version in your opiinion mate as I would like to know?

  • It does whatever I need
  • It’s less bloated
  • I’m old school :face_with_monocle:

(Although I don’t use it much. I prefer Markdown editing. Though my wife’s graduation work was made with this TrueOS + Wine + MS Word 97 combo - just because they refused to accept PDF…)