How to get ports tree of last pkgs of PC-BSD?


TrueOS install DVD can not boot on my PC. I decide to use PC-BSD for the time being.

How to get ports tree of last packages of PC-BSD 10 ?
The version of firefox of them is 47.

I got a ports tree by system manager on PC-BSD.
The version of firefox in it is 57.

If to use ibus-mozc on firefox, need to make firefox with “QT_IM_MODULE=ibus”.
so I tried to make firefox-57, but failed to make depended softwares by firefox.
Its is difficult to make latest ports as always. I’d like to get a ports tree in the past.



pcBSD is a product that has no more support.

Either upgrade to TrueOS or try GhostBSD


I know it has no more support and it is insecure and vulnerable because of that, but I only recently moved out of PC-BSD and had the same issue. You can only build from BSD ports, I didn’t even bother trying AppCafe anymore. "sudo portsnap fetch extract"
and I had the latest FreeBSD ports tree. And it worked (for the most part)


Yes, I know it also.
sysinstall of FreeBSD (before 9.x), if set an any version on it, can get a ports tree and packages of the version.
I understood PC-BSD does not have utilities like as sysinstall.

Thank you.