How to donate to the project?


I looked through the website and I can find no informations where I can donate to the project. Bandwidth, electricity, hardware etc cost money…


Make checks out to

Rodney Myers

and I will make sure it goes where it is supposed to :wink:

Seriously, they are not really setup for that.

Myself, and one other user here, bought them pizza for lunch.

private message me, if that is an option you would like, and I can point you to a local pizza delivery place.


up and live now


Great. Thanks :slight_smile:


looks its not working, after click on “Donate Now” stays on same page


thanks for letting the devs know. I’ll make sure they look into it



Yup you’re right. I’ll dig in first thing in the morning and see what’s going on.


Just to follow up:
Scheduled donations appear to be working fine, but the one-time donation are not.
The one-time donations have been disabled temporarily until the website admins can get that back up and working.


Additional follow-up:
One-time donations appears to be fixed as well and have been re-enabled on the website.


I’m wondering:

You’re computer guys, and coders at that. You should have a crypto mindset.

Why don’t you just put up addresses for the most common coins on the homepage?

Just saying… :slight_smile:


Haha, the donation stuff is setup/managed by the iXsystems web team rather than directly by us (it goes into a dedicated “pocket” for TrueOS within the iX financial structure though so we can use it for conference travel and such).

I will ask out main website admin about alternate/digital currencies when I see him later - I know he used to do a lot of bitcoin mining back in the day, so he might be able to work something out… :wink:


Well, as long as only the same people that handle the donation dollars coming in now have the private key to the cypto address the money isn’t going directly to “you” as only they can access it, so…

I was just thinking that IT guys were generally much more familiar with the crypto game at this point than someone like me and would have thought about getting donations that way already.

Also, there’s a service called coinpayments - in case you want to sell stuff for cryptos…


I’ve already been working on crypto-coin integration for the donate page and have much of the infrastructure in place. However, the way I like to deploy new systems is one piece at a time. As an example, I want to make sure the PayPal portal is working well and will then phase in others as time goes on. Hope this helps!


The Donation page is currently offline. We will get the page back up as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay!


Btw.: Who ever is / will be responsible for managing the donations, especially the crypto ones, should look into SALT Lending - because the cryptos will be far to valuable (as in: appreciate over time (next months)) to “spent” (= sell for fiat). Just as FYI.


lol lol

man, i miss a good american pizza


Donation page is back up and better than ever! Look for it under the contribute tab!


just tried to open /donate/ link, and got:

No Results Found
The page you requested could not be found. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post.


I see now what you mean when mentioning “tab”. Although /donate/ is also appealing to me :wink: