How i can install Gramps?


Hi everyone!

I started to discover my genealogy and a friend of mine telle me about this software.

Problem is it’s not in the apcafee but a version with French interface exist on freshport or in openbsd repos.

So how I can install them?
I am from ubuntu and we use to edit the source. lists file in order to use other repos or ppa.

It’s doesn’t work this way in trueos.
When I had in the repos in the apcafee stuff,the update process crash.

So how can I do?


The package/port is actually there. See

To install the port: cd /usr/ports/science/gramps/ && make install clean
To add the package: pkg install gramps

In TOS, the binary package is built against py3 and called gramps-py36, but pkg install gramps should do it.


Thank you.
So I have to fetch

And after cd /usr/ports/science/gramps/ && make install clean?

Sorry to ask it steps by steps but I want to do it clean, and learns to install other ports/apps who are not in apcafee.


No. In a terminal window execute:

sudo pkg install gramps

Then enter your password to become admin. Enter.

Or you can install it via appcafe. The package is there and called gramps-py36.

I’m not quite following. Did you play with the default repo settings?


freshports says it’s all good.

Not listed in UNSTABLE


Yes I try this way, I use the control panel.

But, it’s still strange, when I tape :gramps I had nothing but when I tape gramps-py36 i found it


Hm, I’m on unstable and pkg search gramps shows the package is available, but I haven’t actually tried to install it.


pkg search gramps
gramps-py36-4.2.6 GTK3-based genealogy program


Thanks you it’s working White the French interface!