How do I change phrases (quotes) when I download the Lumina desktop?


Can I insert my phrases (quotes) that appear when I download the Lumina desktop? Where to edit the file with the text?


When the desktop is starting?
Maybe “man fortune” can help.


When downloading the Lumina desktop itself. See the attached picture.


let project trident get released.

“This” subject has been discussed before. I don’t remember where that “file” is located at the moment


This “pop-up” with interesting quotes is quite useless, because on modern hardware it flashes by so quickly, one would need photographic memory to be able to read them. I was thinking the other day of asking if it is possible to fade it away after desktop is already loaded? Or to disable it completly, because it is defeating it’s purpose with such small appearance time.


I’m guessing that dialog is the “Initializing Lumina Desktop”? Does it run every time you start Lumina or is it a “first time”? I’m asking because I don’t currently use Lumina and it’s been a while since running it.
I’d guess that it’s in an autostart list somewhere, which would mean you could remove it, but I don’t know what functionality you would lose.


It’s on every log in to Lumina session.

Just like “good ole KDE”.


Ok, thanks. It may be an autostart job somewhere then.