How can I start wireshark without sudo?


When I open Wireshark it tells me that I don’t have permission to capture on that device. So I have to start it in a terminal with “sudo wireshark.” Is there a way to run that by just clicking the icon and not having to use sudo?


Which device? Which group?


my device is em0… My groups are Operator, Wheel, and Vboxusers…


not sure…


There is a BSD section on this Wiki but I’m not sure how to do that.


sudo chown groot /dev/bpf*

Worked for me, now I can open Wireshark from the Icon and don’t have to type “sudo wireshark” in a terminal.

chown(8) won't persist across reboots, but you can create an 
/etc/devfs.rules entry to make /dev/bpf readable by your user or group.