How can I run Virtualbox inside TrueOS?


From months ago I use TrueOS as my main workstation.
But now I need to test on other OS, how can I install virtualbox to run on my TrueOS?

Thanks for the help



pkg install virtualbox-ose?


Thanks! I missed to search via pkg search. I was looking via appcafe. Thanks!



I believe it’s in the application cafe. That’s where I got it. I did find that I had to run it via terminal with “sudo VirtualBox” or it wouldn’t run correctly.


Did you add your user name to the vboxusers group?


I didnt need to sudo I installed via pkg install, and followed the instructions after the installation and everything works ok. Not sure why I didnt see it in appcafe, possibily I overlooked.


I’ll try running it again after I get to work but I remember something not working right. It may have just been I hadn’t added myself to the vboxusers group.