Have an AMD Radeon RX 580. TrueOS recommended the amdgpu driver, but it fails every time


The driver just won’t install even though it sees my graphics card and automatically chooses the correct driver. Fails every time I try. It’s a bummer because I really wanted to move from Linux to the BSD’s.


can you be more specific about failing?


Have you tried it on FreeBSD?.. And how do you know it’s the “correct” driver that was automatically chosen?.. Where did you get the driver from? Is this driver specifically made for BSD or are you trying to use a Linux driver?
We need a lot more information.


No I haven’t on FreeBSD. And it was the one recommended by TrueOS after install. I didn’t try manually downloading any.


TrueOS has pretty good suggestions after install. However the system is not infallible. Try out a couple of those drivers after install and see if one of them works for you.


I suspect TrueOS recommended the amdgpu driver (the upstream open source code already included in TrueOS), not the AMDGPU-PRO packaged drivers for Linux that you can download from amd.com.

AFAIK integration of open source drivers into the BSD’s fell behind for a while but has been catching up well over the last couple of years. Last I saw was that TrueOS was running graphics driver code from Linux 4.9, which IIRC should support Polaris in general although might be a bit too old to include device IDs for your RX 580.

There should be some error messages either in kernel log or X log that can help to figure out what is going on. I suspect the drivers might just be missing device IDs for your card.