Has anyone had any luck with dropdown terminals?



I come from a linux background, and I’m (mostly) new to the BSD world, so please go easy on me.

I’ve become addicted to the workflow you get with a dropdown terminal, and I’ve been trying to get the behaviour of something like Guake or Yakuake in TrueOS. I’m not attached to Qterminal, so I’m open to alternatives.

I noticed QTerminal offered a dropdown mode with the “-d” flag. So, using the advanced editor in the keyboard shortcuts application, I changed the F12 key to “F12 :qterminal -d.” This somewhat works. It does open a dropdown terminal, but interstingly enough, it seems to open it at a random place on the screen, instead of on top, like you would expect from a dropdown terminal. If I got to settings and hit apply (without changing anything) it jumps back to the top, but if I hit F12 again to hide it, then hit F12 again to see it again, it jumps back to a random spot on the screen. It’s not that big of a deal, but I’d prefer it stay on top.

Has anyone else had better luck/reccomendations?

I’m on Thinkpad T410 with intel graphics.