Good laptop for TrueOS (Not FreeBSD 11.0!)


Dear All,

I am scanning the market for a new laptop, and I would like to get a laptop with which I can run TrueOS as best as I can. Mind you, I am not looking for a good laptop for FreeBSD 11.0, like here:

I am looking for a laptop for TrueOS, which means that a recent intel GPU will not be a problem. (I expect the remaining tearing problems in newer chipsets to disappear as the drm-next branch evolves).

I would like WiFi and suspend/resume to work. I would also prefer the laptop to be an ultrabook, but this is not a strict requirement.

I am under the impression that many TrueOS developers use a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd gen. This would be perfect for me, but it is unfortunately not possible to order it any more, at least according to Lenovo. You can currently buy only the 4th generation. Has anyone experience with that?

Or has anyone a good laptop suggestion for me, please?


PS: I have to say that I really like the spirit of TrueOS. With constantly evolving stuff, a small and vibrant community, and even having to pick the hardware carefully, it reminds me of Linux years ago :slight_smile:

Hardware Recommendations for New TrueOS Users

I use a 2nd gen X1 Carbon, and it works fine. I’m pretty sure someone in the office has a 4th gen, but I not 100% on that one. I dont know where you live, but would you be able to get a 3rd gen off ebay or some other site that sells used laptops? (Just as a side note, I’d avoid the 2nd gen, the keyboard and trackpad are terrible).


I live in Germany. I would prefer a new laptop, if possible. In the past I had bad experiences with used ones…


I forgot: if possible, the touchpad should be supported. Currently I have an ASUS UX303UB and my main problem is that I can only use the touchpad, which is a Focaltouch device, only as a simple mouse device!


You might want to check out the Lenovo X260. I have a x250 and TrueOS runs fine on it. Actually I like that unit way better than the x1, the only downside is that the screen resolution on the X1 is far superior.


Thanks for the advice. One thing: I am catching up with the BSDNow episodes. I just heard Kris say in episode 163 that suspend/resume is not supported on his X1 3rd gen. However, this page:

Lists the support/resume as working on that laptop. Can anyone confirm? What about the touchpad?

Thanks for all this information!


i have a refurbished X1 Carbon 2nd gen. works out of the box


You have to be careful on the X260. Some models have WiFi which is not supported (yet). If you order from Lenovo, you can chose your WiFi card, in which case make sure the model is well supported. The Intel 8260 in mine is not fully supported yet. Note, I have not tried the 10-28 release, however.



I’m typing this message on a x250 carbon that has a 8260 in it and I’m connected to my home wifi… and I’ve used this laptop with TrueOS for several months. I believe Kris’ X1 carbon has that chipset in it, and he’s been using it for months.


I am intrigued by the units offered at They don’t specifically state BSD support, but I would think it would work…


Now that we are tracking CURRENT, very well could be the case, yes . :relaxed:


See about librem laptops :slight_smile:


I would strongly discourage anyone from buying a laptop from Purism. Aside from the outright fraud that they have engaged in (claiming they are working with Intel to make libre microcode)… the units themselves are horribly made and aren’t “custom built” They are cheap ODM units they’ve sourced from China and charge way to much for. Their customer support is horrible, and you’re pretty much SOL, if anything happens. All 4 of the people that I know that have bought one have strongly regretted it.


I wish I could upvote (Like) this post multiple times. Thanks, JT.


I will never buy NEW laptop again, especially with dedicated GPU, for extensive use.

  1. They’re were/are overpriced
  2. Cheaper laptops render poor performance or no performance at all
  3. Most displays in cheaper laptops are of poor quality
  4. Laptops are not made to last, heat and extended use will kill a component or two, eventually, making the laptop unusable

So now, I try to buy the best used laptop (that works) for the least amount of money from those who don’t want them. I always find what I want for $300 or less on craigslist. If I buy something used that breaks after a while, it won’t cost me $2000+
My favs are used Dell Precision laptops for cheap. They usually boot *nix or *BSD OS fine, ware made to perform as workstations and they do that well. I use and abuse them, as much as I can. I haven’t killed one completly, yet :slight_smile:


Uhm in the end, I decided to go for a Carbon X1 4th gen. I will buy it at the end of next month. I figured out that even if some hardware is not supported now, it will be in the future, as the X1 seems to be a favourite developer laptop


i believe that’s what the devs are using as well


q5sys: does suspend work on x250? I have a Yoga 260, and suspend doesn’t seem to work. :frowning:


Nope, but that’s more of a FreeBSD issue than a TrueOS issue.


Fair enough. Thanks!