Gentle nudge for new Pico image


I know you guys (TrueOS devs) are probably up to your neck on RC script stuff, and trying to get the video card stuff sorted, out.

So I wanted to write this message as a gentle nudge, so updating the Pico image is not forgotten. I know you guys probably wont have time to get around to it any time soon, but I also didn’t want for you guys to completely forget about it.

Thank you for all that you do.

TrueOS Pico configuration and installation


Its on my list! I’m in the process of freeing up some time here so I can
do a RPi3 version and Minnowboard. Probably early march when we get new
images though, thanks for being patient!


@kris That is a lot sooner, than I thought. I thought for sure maybe around the end of May, specially with all that you do, developing, the shows, the talks, etc… I think I speak for all of us when I say that we really do appreciate everything that you do for us as a community Kris…

Also I didn’t know what on earth a minnowboard was until now (that you mentioned it) so I duckduckgo’d it. Looks like a pretty cool little device with an x86 Atom chip instead of the usual ARM.

Are you also making an image for that?.. If so I’ll plan to buy a Minnowboard, around March to play around with.

Once again, thank you for all that you do, not just you Kris, but all you guys at the core of TrueOS.

Love the show.


@kris, I am TL Lim, PINE64 founder. One FreeBSD developer drop a post on PINE64 forum regarding Podcast BSD Now has asking about ROCK64 board support on TrueOS Pico, If TrueOS team interest on the collaborate, we can provide ROCK64 boards to TrueOS developers.

Here is the PINE64 forum post:


FYI, I’m the producer of BSD Now, I’m well aware of the Rock64, that’s one of the reasons I put into BSD Now… I’d love for them to be supported by the BSD Community. :wink:

I’m not sure who that post is from on your forum.

I’ve actually already purchased a few Rock64 boards that are in delivery. I specifically bought those to donate to a few FreeBSD developers in the hopes that they could get FreeBSD support up and running on them. Once FreeBSD is supported, then we (the TrueOS devs) will need to get a few more to work out getting TrueOS to run on them. Personally I’d love to use a Rock64 for small TrueOS systems.


@q5sys, thanks. The ROCK64 batch already shipped out on Saturday and you will received soon. Hopefully the FreeBSD developers bring up the build soon and pass to TrueOS. When further collaboration is needed, just email me at or visit PINE64 IRC at
We don’t know the person who posted in our forum, and guest may be Marc who post the question on BSDNow podcast.


I’ll definitely reach out to you in the future. A very good friend of mine, Jason Plum, is one of the Arch Linux ARM core developers, so he and I are always tinkering with small ARM boards.


Noted. When Jason interest on ROCK64, please ask him to reach me. Thanks.