From where to get sources for particular TrueOS version?


I installed fresh TrueOS Stable 18.06. Since Xorg does not work OOB anyway, I went and tried to compile X-related stuff using ports.

Problem. x11/nvidia-drivers ask for existing kernel sources in /usr/src.

Where should I go look for getting these that match TrueOS Stable 18.06 without updates precisely? I have no particular wish to pull latest sources from Github and recompile the whole nine yards.

I am eyeing “trueos-stable-18.06” branch in Github? Would this be usable for me?


I just took a quick look at GitHub. That branch should correspond to the release. If I’m wrong @RodMyers or someone will correct me.


the top github

a good place to start


I found that it’s waste of time trying to compile from sources. Compiled ports would conflict with “system” packages.

You can update TrueOS 18.06 server to Trident Beta3 with some hackery.

Reconfigure the package repos and then pkg update.

Then you add the additional ports and packages to help debug 
why Trident Beta3 isn't working with your hardware. 


Thanks, but my goal was pure compiling from sources - had to use non-standard options for quite a few of the packages. And once gone that way, I wanted to avoid mixing up manually compiled packages and pre-built binary packages in the same system.

I also wanted to recompile world and kernel (some custom options) from ground up.