FreeBSD powered phone?


Have any of you guys seen this?..

It says it’s powered by FreeBSD 12


…now I have… :slight_smile:
Nice find, thanks for sharing!

The full info reads:

Keplerian OS powered by FreeBSD12 with Android 9 as system and application layer.

I’d guess, the user won’t even notice any difference between native Android and this layered one.


More pics here. Scroll way down…
Jim B.


HubblePhone is targeting a Q1 2020 official worldwide release. It will be priced at $2,749…

Yeah, right… I’m out… :slight_smile:


That’s what I said when they released the iPhone. I remember people going to the stores, and trying to buy 30,000.00 USD worth of iPhones, many of them were stopped by store policies that said they could only buy two… I went to Walmart and someone there was trying to buy an iPhone for $1800.00 I’m not sure, why… Probably because it’s unlocked, but you’d be surprised at the phone market.