Fluxbox slit in lumina?


Yes, I know fluxbox is going away in Lumina2, but one thing that I’ve always liked about WindowMaker is the dockapps, in particular, wmCalClock. FluxBox has the “Slit” which can accept wm dockapps, but it seems to not be enabled in the current builds. At the very least, it doesn’t show up on my desktop (latest Stable updates). Looking at fluxbox init file in .config/lumina-desktop it should show up; I’d just like to confirm that “it should work”.

As for Lumina2, any plans on a feature like the slit or someway to run wm dockapps? From personal usability, I’ve always liked the way WindowMaker works, basically the icons are in a container that is a combination of the fluxbox slit, panel to hold icons, and taskmanager to hold what’s running.

If that’s not on the current plan, I’m fine, just asking out of curiousity.


The Fluxbox slit will not work on Lumina at all - because it puts the slit directly on the “root” window rather than one of the “virtual roots” that Lumina sets up and registers with X11. This means that even if you start up an app which gets embedded into the Fluxbox slit, then it will always be underneath the visible desktop and effectively unusable.


Thanks; it was more curiosity than anything else.