[FIXED] Please READ - 2 issues being fixed


2 Major issues being fixed now

Taken from an earlier chat

Kris and I tracked down the cause of the latest UNSTABLE issues on Intel systems and it looks like pkg is no longer re-installing all the packages when we ask it to - causing the “drm-next-kmod” package to get out of sync with the version of world
This is what is causing the i915kms module to not load properly, and can easily be hot-fixed by running “pkg install -f drm-next-kmod” to force it to be reinstalled
then restart the system and everything should be fine again
in the meantime a quick sudo chmod 4554 /sbin/shutdown should fix the shutdown/restart as user issue
Note: That will ensure that only operator/root can shutdown (same as before)



Thanks for the info! It helps to understand what actually happened and why


Just a follow-up:
The UNSTABLE packages should be completely fixed and ready for use right now.
If you run into any strangeness with a previous UNSTABLE update (such as unable to shutdown/restart system as user or any errors regarding the loading of the i915kms kernel module), I highly recommend that you roll back to a previous boot environment and re-do the update.

Summary of the issue and the fix:

  • Problem:
    When doing updates, it appears that the new version of pkg is no longer detecting all of the packages which need to be re-installed, resulting in packages from the “trueos-major” repository which install kernel modules (such as the “drm-next-kmod” for i915kms) not getting reinstalled with the latest package to stay in sync with new versions of the base system packages.
  • Solution:
    We updated our pc-updatemanager routine a bit to bypass the option for “incremental” updates if any base-package versions were changed (not just ABI version changes) - forcing a full re-install of the other packages to ensure things always stay in-sync (no matter what pkg decides).

The fix I just described to the updater is active right now: there is no need to wait for another round of packages to get pushed to the public repos. Similarly, the fix to the updater is agnostic about which package repo(s) you are using, it will ensure proper updates for both STABLE and UNSTABLE updates.


It is imprecise to talk about ‘latest’ update UNSTABLE / STABLE. Nobody knows for sure what it means. It would be good to introduce a clear denomination. I’m talking about a new install (not ‘update’!) from TrueOS Desktop 2017-12-30-UNSTABLE-x64-USB.img, and I’m sorry to say that the issues did not occur with an update and I am sorry to mention that the proposed workarounds (pkg install -f drm-next-kmod, chmod 4554 /sbin/shutdown) do not at all remove the shortcoming.