Firefox 58 quasi unusable


Strange phenomenon with Firefox version 58 (most recent):

  1. The selected text doesn’t get highlighted
  2. The right scrollbar doesn’t work.
  3. Therfore I can’t post anything here using TrueOS with Firefox 58.

The first and second screenshots show selected text “moved” by the left mouse button.
The third and fourth show that I can’t reach the “Thema erstellen” (create topic) button.
Also notice the tiny scrollbar at the right.

I had to use a Linux Firefox to post this.


The upload messed up the series of the screenshots. 2 and 3 belong together and 1 and 4.


which version?

trueos 1803

or trident

i use both, and haven’t seen that behaviour, at he moment


It’s TrueOS 18.03. This phenomenon doesn’t occur with other programs, just Firefox.


if you’re adventurous, try the Project Trident beta 3 in a boot environment. i’m writing this using beta3 in a BE

Project-Trident BETA-03 had been released

DO NOT try an upgrade. It’s very broke, your system will break.

WIFI/DHCP may be an issue for some.

GELI full disk encryption is still disabled as it is still not functioning properly at this time.

If you have a Lenovo, or if you have weird graphics, read the lnk below. The issue is with
YOUR hardware. There is nothing for Project Trident to fix…

For bugs, please read this article on where and how to report bugs

Downloads :: Project Trident
Secure and Stable OS


So it’s already safe to install Trident natively on a disk?


i’m using it in a boot environment.

there still are a few gitches, but …


triple check you selected BE install


Ok, i’ll try that. Does the bootloader work when installing into a partition instead of the whole disk?


efi works, yes


I have an old BIOS PC, so no EFI, and a DOS-PT including two BSD and two Linux partitons.


if you have Trueos installed, should be okay


I installed FreeBSD 11 and after that TrueOS 18.03, so I will try Trident now.


it knows you have trueos, so this changes nothing for the grub(?) boot loader