[Finished] TrueOS Q&A with Kris & Ken Moore 6/16/17


@Kris yes this is TrueOS unstable (but this is not a new thing by any means) in virtualbox, @ Ken thanks, I have that installed but not the user added. Will try adding user to vboxusers and then onto xorg.conf


FreeNAS Mini has VGA or HDMI output?


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The Terminal: When open one tab, open the second one, and then click to Action and Split(let say vertically) it actually opens a 3 tab and splits it with the 2 tab not with the 1st tab


Not sure there was a question there… :wink:
That would be something in QTerminal itself - you might want to ask the developer directly since we do not control that utility or how it functions.

My guess would be that it behaves that way due to the tabbed nature of the program though.


and BTW, Thank you for fix with external devices! when plugged works like a charm!


The FreeNAS Mini and the FreeNAS Mini XL both have VGA out. Both units have an x8 PCI slot, but it’s an open endedslot, so you can use an x16 card as long as it’s a single width card.


@shumovka asks (Moving system to another hard drive):
Hi all,

I have to move my TrueOS system to another hard drive. The system is on the ZFS partition within second MBR slice (dual boot with Windows through FreeBSD boot manager).

I’ve prepared a slice as well as system and swap partitions of same sizes on target drive. Then I’ve successfully ceated ZFS pool and sent/received the original zpool snapshot to the target zpool.

Then I’ve wrote boot manager code into taget drive MBR and zfsboot code into boot partition:

dd if=/boot/zfsboot of=/dev/ada1 count=1
dd if=/boot/zfsboot of=/dev/ada1s2a iseek=1 oseek=1024

– and after all canot boot from new hard drive. What steps have I missed to make the new system bootable? Thanks.


Offhand the only thing I think you are missing is perhaps setting the partition “active” with “gpart”. I.E. # gpart set -a active -i 2 ada0

Moving system to another hard drive

We’re going to wind this down so we can get back to work and finish up the last tasks we have to complete before leaving the office for the weekend. If you have any other quick questions, now’s you’re chance to ask…


Thanks to the Devs. Have a good weekend!


Thanks all, keep up the excellent work!


Alright then, thank you all for participating!

As always, feel free to open bug tickets, ask/answer questions here on Discourse or over on our Gitter chat and we will try to chime in when we can.

Enjoy TrueOS!