[Finished] TrueOS Q&A with Kris & Ken Moore 6/16/17


Have you looked at the “Power Options” within SysAdm? You might be able to save some more battery life by turning on adaptive CPU throttling as well.

EDIT - just looked and I never committed that powerd manager interface for SysAdm… whoops… :wink:


@kris One question we’ve gotten a lot in the past is regarding the current status of UEFI and GELI support on TrueOS? This was something that was discussed at BSDCan last week correct? What’s the latest on that?


Let me look into it a bit more and see if there was a reason for that - I might be able to commit that here soon otherwise.


when right-click on desktop and select Applications the App Caffe appears in german.


@Kokuhouou @kris
OpenRC service files are also much smaller, simpler, and provide a common way to start/stop services as opposed to each service writing its own startup script. One neat feature is that variables from configuration are loaded automatically, and there’s no need to manually enable each process.


@q5sys - Still pending, FreeBSD upstream has work ongoing in this area which will enable UEFI + GELI, before 12.0 for sure is what I hear.


I gather from this weeks BSDNow (Benedict’s great but still miss your input Kris) work is restarting/continuing on geli on uefi systems. Will that be going into stable as soon as it’s ready? I use my laptop away from home a lot and am fairly careful about full disk encryption for it. Secondly are there any docs around for creating custom lumina themes? I’ve never made a desktop theme before so some guidance would be reassuring.

-edit- meh missed the other geli question whiule typing!


That was a bug somebody pointed out with the en_UK localization file - somebody accidentally put a german translation into the british english file. That has already been corrected in our source tree and will be pushed with the next update to Lumina.


@johatfie asks (Base packages flagged as “Orphaned”?):
In the AppCafe, on my fresh reinstall, there are dozens of packages flagged as orphaned. Things like “Lumina”, “dhcpcd”, “xorg-drivers”. I inadvertently cleaned all of these and had to reinstall into a new book environment. I’m pretty sure this is a bug.

It looks like this issue was brought up in December, but still seems to be an issue. https://discourse.trueos.org/t/appcafe-auto-clean-packages/3644


No real docs from the Lumina side of things yet - there is a built-in editor for themes/colors within the lumina-config utility though if you click the little “Edit” button next to the theme/color


I tried to install Trueos on my main desktop. I5-6500 Gigabyte h170-d3hp with XFX r7 360 2 dell 24 monitors. The ports im using - Display port and DVi port. I bought a hdmi to dvi cable and tested. But i run into the same issue: duplicate displays.


Thanks Ken, I was thinking of something a little more adventurous. I’ll start making notes and breaking things in my VM!


Why the change to a six month stable release and what are the plans for bug fixes/security fixes that need to be pushed in the meantime? Also, how often is unstable released and are there any plans for a nightly branch?


I have a question about life preserver. It seems that I am asking about it every couple of months. I’m sure Kris is getting sick of me. :slight_smile:

It seems that replication works for a period of time, then something happens and it doesn’t. The error messages are kind of vague, both in life preserver, and in the sysadm client. Is this something that is able to be addressed going forward? I have mentioned here that sysadm needs more/better feedback, and the logs in LP such as:

Failed with command:\n | \n
\nSending log:\n

don’t give much information to a newbie.



That was a bug in one of the base packages back last year sometime which was fixed for new installs, but the fix does not apply retroactively to older systems. You can manually flag packages as non-orphans from the command line - but I don’t remember the pkg syntax offhand (run pkg annotate help and look in there).

Base packages flagged as "Orphaned"?

That might be a limitation of your video card, or you might just need to run lumina-xconfig and disable/re-enable one of the monitors so it can be treated as a distinct output rather than just a clone.


@Coupon2518 We will backport fixes / security updates as needed. Unstable will be updated more in the future, just holding off while FreeBSD upstream gets over their ino64 conversion hurdle.


Hi there! Big thank you to the team! Big fan since PCBSD 1.5.

I read in the TrueOS blog that you are trying to stay clear of HAL for security reasons. Some applications you can install via the AppCafe still come with hald. I understand that the service is not started at boot time. But what the security implications when using such an app?


VulcanRidr - I need to investigate this still, will be doing some LP work this weekend actually :wink:


This was something that we got a lot of feedback on from long time PC-BSD users. Instead of ignoring the feedback of our users, we worked to figure out how we could take that feedback and still push the OS in the direction we wanted. The Stable branch will run on a 6 month cycle, and our unstable branch will continue to be rolling for those that want to test the latest features and help us find bugs.