[Finished] TrueOS Q&A with Kris & Ken Moore 6/16/17


After the success of our last Q&A, we decided to have another to dig into some recent big changes in TrueOS.
Our last Q&A can be found here: [Finished] TrueOS/Lumina Dev Q&A: Ask us questions!

With us today is…

TrueOS Founder and Code Developer Kris Moore (kmoore134)
TrueOS Core Developer/Lumina Developer Ken Moore (beanpole135)
TrueOS Contributor/Developer J.T. Pennington (q5sys)

The big announcement we’d like to talk about is our new 6 month Stable branch. But I’ll let Ken step in and talk about that.
Feel fee to ask any questions you have about the new branch or any other questions about TrueOS that you have.



Yes, the new STABLE images are available now and those are supported for a 6-month time period (with occasional bugfixes/updates as needed - nothing that breaks the FreeBSD ABI though).

A good example is the new ISO/update that we just pushed out a day or two ago - that was just some bugfixes for the beadm package and to hotfix a devd/dhcpcd issue.



Is this live now? Im new here


Yes, we are live right now.
Welcome to the TrueOS community!


Yes we are live now… ask away. :slight_smile:


What’s the recommended way to upgrade between STABLE versions?


Guys, you are awesome! thank you for all your huge effort! I will try to pile a few questions


Hi all :slight_smile: I’ve been lurking about since PCBSD 8 days, gently learning the differences from my novic elinux user know how :slight_smile:


The same way as for UNSTABLE - you will get a notification when updates are available via the SysAdm tray client, or you can run “pc-updatemanager pkgcheck” from a server.


@Trus @hitchhiker54 : Glad to have you around!


Hey everybody, Kris here also! :slight_smile:


I have taken great interest in the project and am glad that the developers are taking the time to take questions from the internet. My question concerns the future of OpenRC in TrueOS. Why is OpenRC important and what steps are you taking to move to that system? And if I may, beanpole135, when do you think we may see a new major release of Lumina and what are the major changes you plan to implement?


I will let @kris answer the OpenRC question - I will take the Lumina one…


@Kokuhouou OpenRC brings with it important features for a Desktop (or even server). Boot-speed is critical for laptops, but in addition it provides proper service monitoring and can even recover processes from crashes.


Also the BSD license.


We are currently working hard to convert over all the rc.d scripts from ports to OpenRC init.d, expect to see this continue. (Thanks Zach BTW!)


This man knows what he’s talking about. :wink:
But lets not start a license war right now. lol


BSD NOW !! Nice! I use for now a dell e6330 with TrueOs. The battery seems to be drained a little bit to fast


I am working on prepping version 1.3.0 for Lumina right now and going through as much manual QA (quality assurance) as I can right now. Hopefully it will be released within the next couple weeks.

One of the new changes which I am still testing/fixing right now is related to the Lumina text editor - I modified the backend so it now takes JSON manifest files for all file support options (and added a few new file-wide integrations), so we are moving from about 2-3 file type that are supported out to ~10 in just this first update.