Facebook and logging into this forum [Facebook was not involved. Solved by reconfiguring NoScript]


Is it true, that logging in to this forum becomes
impossible, if I’m blocking Facebook in my browser?

If it is true, will it be changed?

If it is true, and won’t be changed, would You please
delete my account and all my data You control
concerning me?


no idea what you are talking about. No idea where you heard that

you do NOT give enough details on that situation


Since first half of April, I can’t login any more. Only change I did was blocking facebook in browser.

I didn’t hear it, I’m seeing it myself.

Because there’s a Facebook-button within the login-input popup, I’ve no other explanation.

If You can tell me, my facebook-blocking is not the cause of
impossibility to log in, then fine. Must be something else, then.

But I can successfully login into other forums. Therefore,
it’s improbable, that I was doing something totally wrong myself. I suspect now, it’s Your forum’s web-programming,
which is causing this.


how are you blocking facebook?


One can also login with Github credentials.


How I block Facebook:

  1. AdBlock Plus
  2. NoScript
  3. uBlock Origin


check your uBlock blocking.


OK. Will restart Firefox with PlugIns reenabled. Then I’ll post the details.

First intermediary result:
NoScript alone seems responsible for impossibility to login, because login was still impossible after disabling Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin. Only after additionally disabling NoScript, login became possible again.

Next, I’ll post, which script-sources I did disable for this forum, and which I did keep enabled. Wait a momment…

2nd intermediary Edit:
After reenabling both, AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin, while keeping NoScript disabled, login is possible. Therefore, only my NoScript configuration seems responsible. Next, I’ll post NoScript configuration… Wait a moment…

3rd Edit:
After changing the NoScript-Settings for
https://discourse.trueos.org”, login became possible, again.

Interestingly, I had to switch to CUSTOM and enable FETCH permissions.

This wasn’t neccessary before on the TrueOS WebSite, and isn’t necessary on other forums.


Final Posting: Problem solved.

Solution: NoScript’s CUSTOM FETCH permission is needed for successfully logging in onto


glad we could help :slight_smile:

seriously, glad you found the issue


Thanks for motivating my search and rescue operation.

I really thought it was the facebook button.


Congrats on blocking FB !! I kicked Uncle Zuck out of my computer not too long after the election.

Where I come from, the ultimate “Terms of Service” are the Constitution of the United States and not something FB cooks up.


Congrats in return!