Evdev support xp-pen


Hi, I’ve decided to try out a tablet which is supposed to work under Linux and with evdev support under trueos I’m hoping to get it working.

Pouring through search results I see that it really appear to be operational since last year but I’m still running into snags and hoping someone here has already done it.

lsusb lists the tablet (UC-Logic Technology Corp.)

but xinput does not.

I added two config files according to http://digimend.github.io/support/howto/drivers/evdev/
and went through this one
but with X not seeing it I’m stuck.

I installed xf86-input-evdev-2.10.5. But no luck under xinput.

I’m thinking that with the support for touchpads and screens this should work without recompiling a kernel.

Any takers?



% man -k touch | grep '\(4'; man -k tablet
mutouch(4, 4x) - Microtouch input driver
atp(4) - Apple touchpad driver
synaptics(4, 4x) - touchpad input driver
terasic_mtl(4) - driver for the Terasic/Cambridge Multi-Touch LCD device
uep(4) - eGalax touchscreen driver
wmt(4) - MS Windows 7/8/10 - compatible USB HID multi-touch device driver
wsp(4) - Wellspring touchpad driver
webcamd(8) - daemon which provide access to USB webcam, USB DVB, USB radio, USB input, USB tablet and more devices

How is Your tablet detected in “dmesg”-output?


/dev/ugen1.4: ID 5543:0081 UC-Logic Technology Corp.

ugen1.4: <UC-Logic TABLET 1060N> at usbus1
ums1 numa-domain 0 on uhub4
ums1: <UC-Logic TABLET 1060N, class 0/0, rev 1.10/0.00, addr 4> on usbus1
ums2 numa-domain 0 on uhub4
ums2: <UC-Logic TABLET 1060N, class 0/0, rev 1.10/0.00, addr 4> on usbus1
ums2: 5 buttons and [XYZT] coordinates ID=1
ukbd1 numa-domain 0 on uhub4
ukbd1: <UC-Logic TABLET 1060N, class 0/0, rev 1.10/0.00, addr 4> on usbus1
kbd3 at ukbd1

webcamd [-d ugen1.4] -N UC-Logic-TABLET-1060N -S unknown -M 0

Thanks! :slight_smile: