Dual boot with two hard drives


I want to dual boot TrueOS and Linux (probably MX Linux) on separate hard drives.
TrueOS would be the main system and Linux for experimenting with Arduino.
Is there a guide for doing this with TrueOS?



If you are using UEFI, then install rEFInd during the install of TrueOS


I am using a HP Compaq Elite 8000 SFF, which appears to use BIOS.


Having looked into this a bit more would this be the way.
(I have used C and D to identify the drives)
Install TrueOS on C.:
Install MXLinux on D:
Set C: as the main drive and always boot TrueOS
To use MXLinux at start up
Press F9 to edit boot menu
Set D: as boot drive
Boot into MXLinux
To go back to TrueOS edit boot menu and set C: as boot disc.


Or, a really simple approach is to just install whichever OS you want on the 2 separate hard drives and select which one you want to boot off of via the BIOS. No fuss. I’ve done that here for years and never a issue.


I could have explained this better.
F9 produces a menu of available boot devices so you can choose where to boot from.
Same as amending the BIOS.
Thanks for your comment it confirms that my method should work.