Does Trueos work on my commodore 64


Do you use modern (plastic covered) 720k double sided or just plain old 360k paper covered floppies? :laughing:

I was thinking about my latest (then) US-Robotics 56K TCP/IP blasting modem and wonder … and then I found this:

Damn expensive even now! - hehe


Someone gave me an osbone once when I was 18 or 19. I didn’t have anything to run on it and it got thrown out when I moved.:cry:


Hello. Friends tell me one can install TrueOS on old hardware. Friend sends this picture as proof and sends me link here. trying to install TrueOS on navigation hardware for friend. Very slight outdated. Navigation hardware resembles closely this equipment. Asking for friend not me.



On the screen, I can’t quite read the text next to that thing going round in a circle, does it say … something loop?

:repeat: :smile: