Does Trueos work on my commodore 64


Well does it? I need to know plz thanks.


Of course not!

Kris Moore
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What if I upgrade to ECC ram.


Butterflies come forth from your RAM, Commodore.

A wee test to see what happens when code is pasted:



It Does on mine!!!


Please refer to the FreeBSD platform support page for more information.

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%[ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -r f / || echo Click

tee hee


This makes me laugh and laugh until I pee a little.



I want to use the joystick as a mouse. I demand full commodore joystick support @kris @beanpole135 @jmaloney .


Assuming you have one those quite rare modern C-64 look a likes. (So in reality normal PC inside Commodore look a like case, running some customised Linux and C-64 emulator), maybe.

For that nice old 8-bit hardware LOL :smiley:


Can you confirm or deny rumors that Lumina runs on an Amiga 500?


oh yeah. waiting on that confirmation



Ever heard about PhotoShop, Gimp or whatever was used? :laughing:



I will be really impressed when we have it running on the cassette drive.


Shouldn’t be too hard to write up the kernel driver… the hardest part will be finding a USB to Atari SIO bus adapter for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


If I remember correctly the Atari SIO bus was TTL serial at 9600bps so any of those FTDI Raspberry PI USB serial adaptors might work.


:-). Hilarious thread is hilarious!


No mouse, weird innit, but I like the look of that chunky beige touchpad top left, behind the joystick. Ridged vertically for two-finger scrolling only up or down, which was fine 'cause there was nothing wide on the web in the 80s was there?

I’m pushing for TrueOS Desktop for PowerPC G3 with a low ram hoofprint, to go with my port to FreeBSD of the 2005 version of Front Row. New touch baa.


My 1-st laptop a.k.a portable then

My 1-st wireless dumb-phone

They don’t make’em like that anymore, now they make’em lil’bit better - lol


OK @ichibiri you twisted my arm, to try the 21st century OS with 20th century hardware.

What could possibly go wrong? It’s been safely stored in a dark place for I don’t know how many years. CAM status shcmamstus, I’m not interested in the webcam software working as long as I can floppy copy.