DistroWatch.com: TrueOS



Someone might like to arrange updates to that page reasonably soon after a press release.

Worth noting, although I don’t know whether it can or should be explained at the page:

  • no desktop environment (DE) with TrueOS
  • Lumina DE is a feature of TrueOS Desktop.

Popularity of TrueOS - Distrowatch

They seem to have current info on FreeBSD


I know one of the guys that works on DIstroWatch… I’ll contact him about it.
Thanks for bringing this up, I hadn’t even thought about it.


We have been talking to the guys over at distrowatch, and most of the information seems to have been updated now.


Thanks, and a bump – please merge this topic into my umbrella topic that began on the same day:


Your other topic is more tuned for links to articles/reviews of TrueOS. I don’t see any need to clutter that thread up with small topics like this where we request that a news site update their info about TrueOS.


Oh, no, please allow me to make decisions about my own topics :frowning:


Please remember that small, focused topics are a ton more helpful for users to find/read than a few massive topics/threads which discuss lots of various/disparate subjects.
If you wish to discuss discourse policies further, please open up a separate thread about that.


Sorry, no; past experiences were appalling.