Diskless TrueOS


Has someone experience and suggestion about running TrueOS via iSCSI ?

In my office I run TrueOS on a Mac mini on a 16GB USB memory stick, I need a larger one, but I have a lot of disk space, available via iSCSI, on my “BIG” FreeBSD server.



I never saw any consumer/desktop hardware that had iSCSI capability for boot devices, so you won’t be able to run any OS via iSCSI on such hardware.

What works is booting via PXE and using NFS mounts as storage - I’m using this model for automated TrueOS installations.
Search for diskless client configuration and you should find plenty for FreeBSD which is (with some minor adjustments) also suitable for TrueOS. IIRC the TrueOS documentation also has a section on this in “advanced installation”.