Discourse Question: editing post titles?


Hi all -
is there a way to edit/update our post titles to indicate when something is (re)solved?



Yes. Little button near the title.


Aha! I guess there’s a timeout for that? E.g. threads older than N minutes(?) don’t seem to have that option enabled – see attached image.



Edit: hm… no attached image. :man_shrugging:


I can’t change title of my old topic, like You.
Presumably, it’s “The Law”.


Makes sense, I suppose.

Well - this is another thread that could be marked ‘solved’ :).


Within the community of Discourse you can take a look at the thread Editing Titles in Discourse to get an idea of the pros and cons of entitling users to editing titles.


I scanned through some parts of that earlier today - as with everything related to online discussion, there are pros and cons. This isn’t a big deal for me; I was mostly just curious is the community management had anything implemented and I was just overlooking the option in the UI.



I don’t really care.

It’s Your forum. You decide. I’ve nothing to complain about regarding this.

This is a nice forum: Web-technically, and because of its people.