Dev querstion from Telegram


Ken Moore, [01.12.18 08:47]
Question for all of you: do any of you use personacrypt?

Ken Moore, [01.12.18 08:51]
Reason I am asking: We have been having regular issues getting the pefs-kmod port (which personacrypt uses for encryption) actually compiling since it seems like the port can never keep in sync with FreeBSD libs it uses. I am worried that this is just going to get worse when we start following the upcoming “stable” branch of TrueOS but the ports tree keeps moving.

so we are debating whether we should recommend that people move off of that tool (if you are using it) because there is almost no guarantee of it being available between updates, or if we keep fighting with it and delaying our updates becuase it is once again broken

This latest build is yet another example: so far we are doing testing and it seems to be fine for another prerelease, but pefs-kmod is broken right now again.

So we are thinking we might need to put some warning on the download page for users of personacrypt telling them to copy their data off the PC device and onto a real disk before updating



As a newbie getting used to TrueOS I had planned on experimenting with personacrypt. So while not immidiately impacted I would hope that it or an equivalent might turn up in future TrueOS / Trident releases.