Desktop Alternatives to Lumina?


does the pope take a dump in the woods?

Just with this announcement, been put on hold until after the first release of Trident


When I said bloat, I had mate and xfce in mind, not LXDE. I still have a bunch of stuff left over, even after I uninstalled them. Next time I install True, I will not install any other DE’s.

As for icons, can’t you just right click, choose “edit” and then “move” (or something like that, can’t recall exactly). Or am I hallucinating this? Or confusing it with one of the others? (I’m on Linux at the moment so can’t check).


Right Click…“Edit” and then move ??

Ya sure. I’ve got an old Commodore 64 somewhere too…(ha ha !).

It’s got to be just click and move. That’s absolutely basic.

And…by the way…little square pixel backgrounds showing when you click on an icon,
that looks REALLY amateurish.

But there’s plenty of things good about Lumina too (as in it works… and they probably have the ultra elegant TRASH BIN somewhere.

But an interesting point arise that would explain and justify Lumina.

TrueOS is revolutionary…so it simply does not “jive” to have it controlled by some decades old paradigm of an operating system. I can see the motivation here.


If I remember correctly the no trash bin thing was done on purpose. I’m working from memory here, but I remember Ken saying something about how the Trash Bin idea is an outdated one for older file systems, where you needed two separate delete commands one, that was fake and didn’t really delete anything it just move it to a different directory i.e, trash bin, and another to actually delete the file. And I’m working from memory and paraphrasing here, but I remember him saying that with Lumina snapshots there is no need for a recycle bin, because you can always recover the previous version of the file from a snapshot.


This is one of my problems with Lumina, and the reason why usage outside TrueOS will not happen on any large scale (at least on Linux). Not everybody is using ZFS, and calling everything else outdated etc is just arrogant.

Not adding basic desktop features also don’t help, and refusing to use anything “developed on Linux”, without any proper reason just confuses me.

Anyway, That’s my opinion, I don’t want to start any major discussion.

I Like(d) Lumina, but v1 has too many “paper-cut” issues and missing features, and I’m not sure v2 will fix any of this (most likely introduces more issues). I wish Lumina the best, but it’s not for me anymore.


Trash bin? Never used it and never will. Not in the way it’s currently implemented on any OS I know, as a “poor man’s” backup system. You’re either deleting a file or archiving/backuping it and you usually know what you’re after.

Same goes to icons on a desktop. It’s only good as a launcher until you’ve started one or two applications. After that a screen is occupied by launched applications… and you can’t even see the desktop/icons anymore.
it tends to get progressively worse once you get more (few dozens) applications installed. Now you have a forest of icons out there to deal with.

Those are no basic features, but rather features most of us are used to, whether good or bad.
But I agree with you, their absense draws away an average user.

(sigh) there are plenty of reasons. Primarily because of linux guys refusing to play nice with others… and, to be frank, they aren’t obligated to. But bringing linux-oriented feature brings the whole Linux ecosystem with it (through dependencies) into BSD. Hence the Lumina effort etc.

I’m not using Lumina in part because it’s still a bit rough around the edges and… not minimalistic enough for me, but I appreciate the effort. Personally, I use i3wm with lumina’s network and mixer tray applets, and sysadm.

Sorry for the rant. All the above is my humble subjective opinion.


So Linux is the “Large Scale” that we should all be striving for?..

Linux is trying really hard. BTRFS and ZFS on Linux are signs that even Linux understands that ZFS is better. That’s why they are so desperately trying to get it on Linux.

BSD doesn’t “refuse to use anything developed on Linux.” Linux refuses to play nice with BSD… That’s the bottom line.

If you "don’t want to start any major discussion. Why do it?

[quote=“rodlie, post:25, topic:2964”]
I Like(d) Lumina, but v1 has too many “paper-cut” issues and missing features, and I’m not sure v2 will fix any of this (most likely introduces more issues).
That is the drawback of using something so new… Their will be growing pains.

It doesn’t have to be… Don’t like it? Don’t use it. I’m sure if Lumina could speak it would wish you the best also.


Every new filesystem developed says that others are outdated. ZFS was developed with specific goals in mind and was designed from the outset to handle modern large devices because filesystems developed prior to 1TB drives becoming cheap and common, don’t deal well with large sizes unless the sizes are partitioned. ZFS has features that are great on server/desktop systems with sufficient RAM and physical slots. If you’ve never used Boot Environments, you’re missing out.

Lumina, desktop environments, et al. You should use the search function and read the more than a few discussions on this. Bottom line: everyone has a favorite, everything else sucks. There are even folks that argue “why a DE, why not simple Window Managers (yes, that’s me)”. Lumina is a work in progress, with specific goals from the outset. Is it rough around the edges? A bit, but getting better. Comparing it to other DEs that have been around for a long time is rather silly.

“Linux”. You seem to be confusing “what is installed by default” vs “what is available via ports”. Just because an “application developed on Linux” isn’t installed by default, doesn’t mean it’s not available. One simply must install it by themselves. As for other Linux-isms, there are good technical arguments as to why they aren’t installed or used. Yep, I’m looking at systemd and others.

Bottom Line:
You are free to use what works for you, what suits you better. Just give the same courtesy to folks that make a different choice.