Desktop Alternatives to Lumina?


I tried installing Gnome3-lite but that would not load. It said something like “Soemthing Wrong, Disabling Extensions”.

I need a desktop where I can freely move icons (I have lots of them) about, anywhere on the desktop, just like on the Mac, or W10.

The icons stuck on the left hand side of the desktop, immovable, does not work for me.

Icons stuck in a “grid” like xfce does not work.

Is there way to successfully install either Gnome or KDE or something else to get this ability ?

I’m about one inch away from switching everhtying to TrueOS but this is show stopper.



I’m using LXDE, and I’ve just moved some icons on my desktop. They stay where I want them to stay.

I’ll tell you tomorrow whether they are still there.


I just installed and tried it. I LIKE it !! Am moving icons and folders around
no problem. They appear to be staying. I’ll see after I reboot.

I used AppCafe and installed the LXDE common and also the “meta”.

(Wasn’t sure which to use).

At login, the “LX Meta” shows so I selected that one.

I get one mysterious error message after it (LXDE) starts up,
Unable to look up session information for process 3151

But all seems well after I click OK and dismiss the error message box.



With a right click --> Modify Item --> Start Moving Item it is possible to move Icons on the desktop in Lumina. It is just not a simple click, hold, and move but controlled by context menu. The locations of the icons are determined by an underlying grid.

This might not be sufficient for your needs but I wanted to clarify the movability.


I’m back. The icons are just where I left them. Very good!

Just ignore that message, and all will be fine.


Thanks for the clarification.

What possessed them to write a new desktop I don’t know because I’m wondering if that Lumina desktop they keep hyping is TURNING MORE PEOPLE AWAY from TrueOS than enticing them to use it !

To clarify my earlier post, at Login it says “LXDE”, not LX Meta.

So far everything working peachy and I have my desktop just the way I like it. There are no goofy squares around the icon as there are in Lumina. In addition, the pop up menu of choices I get after clicking on the lower left of the screen in LXDE is way more intuitive and comfortable than the rather clunky Lumina equivalent. Reminds me of the Mac “App” icon at the bottom.

Any ideas on this error message:
I get one mysterious error message after it (LXDE) starts up,
Unable to look up session information for process 3151 (that number changes every time I start up).

It seems harmless as everything works fine after I click “OK” to dismiss the message dialog box.

Thanks again,


It’s mainly to get rid of Linux-dependencies. Because the Linux stuff gets less and less portable, and less and less UNIX-like.

There’s regret about this not only in the BSD camp, but in the Linux camp, too.


Aha !! Understandable then.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.



That message seems related to ConsoleKit2.


I’ll read up on it. since there’s only one user, me, hopefully there’s some way to shut the thing off.



I use KDE 4 quite happily.
Of course it is that older UI which still works as well as it did back in the day. KDE 5 have some dependencies with systemd which I believe some people are working to solve.
You may need to keep automatic restart of previous appl turned off as it causes the SysAdm client to spawn one more instance each time you reboot or login. That’s about all I can think of that I’ve run into.
This is my main system.


Ya KDE 4 is good, I’ve tried it out in the past.

Right now I’m still looking for an acceptable word processor.

My standard is a little known Word Processor called “Bean” (OSX Only, as far as I know).

I’ve gotten more done with Bean than I ever did with ANY other word processor.

I won’t go near that overblown piece of BLOATWARE known as LibreOffice.

People have given me suggestions in the past but so far nothing comes close.

The OTHER think that I really like and use is OSX Preview.

For example, there’s a little known feature in Preview (removed in newer OSX but Yosemite still has it)

where you can select, say, 50 pdf files in a folder and then open them with Preview.

They are all opened in a single window/workspace and now you can search through ALL of them

in one shot - unlike TrueOS’s “Document Viewer” which would try to open 50 separate instances

and you could not easily search through all of them, not to mention you desktop clogged with windows and your system resource hit.





I went with LXDE.

Also, I was wrong about libreoffice. They have improved tremendously since I last looked at it (speaking mainly of the “Writer” word processing module.

The only thing lacking, that I need, was the ability to scale printouts at print time - no such option on the print dialog that I could find.



what are you trying to scale?


Rod, I scanned an old book, two pages appear on one scan. It’s in Japanese. But being an old timer, the text is too small for my eyes to handle. The scans are image scans of the pages. I convert them into a pdf with preview on the mac.

So, I need to print each page (each half image), rather than the whole image which is two pages side by side.

I use the snapshot feature of Foxit Reader to get the half pages and paste into libre office writer. So now I have a writer document with single pages (as images).

Now comes time to print, I want the ability to print the page scaled up at 110%, or 115%, or even 120% filling up the page right to the edge with nice big text.

So that’s what I’m trying to scale.



that’s a unique item.

web search a way to separate the PDF into 2 pages.

Really not sure


I just tried Mate, XFCE and LXDE desktops. Uninstalled them all and went back to Lumina. first, why use a Linux DE on BSD? Why not use what the devs in their wisdom have decided to provide? Second, Lumina just looks and works better. And without the bloat. As for moving icons, of course it’s possible. In short, I think Lumina is by far the best GUI for BSD/True. for those who like and need a GUI, like me. (I have tried KDE on Linux, and while beautiful it is far too much DE for my 10 y/o desktop).


What ? You move icons with mouse clik, drag and drop somewhere else in Lumina ?

Without the bloat ? LXDE is a stripped down package ( a little too striped down, they left out the trash bin !!!).

Maybe cuz I’m so used to the osx interface, don’t know.

But I do have one question for the devs:

YOU’RE REALLY BUSY DOING THIS GREAT OS, so WHY expend time, energy resources on Desktop ??? That should come later !!




If you search on this forum you will find tons of reasons why. The main one being that there is No DE specifically made for *BSD they are all borrowed from Linux. KDE, LXDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, Mate, Unity, Pantheon are all built for Linux. And I remember from the PC-BSD days the developer had the rug pulled from under them constantly. Everyone in the BSD complaint about SystemD and how all the changes to the LINUX DE’s was making it harder to work on *BSD. Ken finally just wrote Lumina made specifically with FreeBSD in mind. Now nobody has to work on the “LINUX’isms” and the *BSD community doesn’t get the rug pulled form under them constantly. Lumina doesn’t just benefit TrueOS, but *BSD and I have heard several Linux guys say they use it on Linux and they enjoy it. I’ve even seen people open tickets on GitHub about how to improve Lumina on Linux.


I liked/like Lumina. Just wonder if the Lumina-2.0 is still in the future plans.