Demo videos for games and more


I am a computer novice. I published this video today on YouTube, showing my FreeCell skills
in TrueOS.

The puzzle "Palapeli" demo on TrueOS
Demo of my Mahjongg prowess in TrueOS
The puzzle "Palapeli" demo on TrueOS
The puzzle "Palapeli" demo on TrueOS

Toot toot toot, TrueOS is FUN! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just more bragging about my skills. The YouTube link below shows
me playing an entire game of Gnome-Mahjong in TrueOS with Lumina 1.2.1 DE using
latest updates of TrueOS.


If you want to show off a bunch of demos, make a single thread and reply to that thread with every new demo you make. There’s no need for a single thread for every different game. A single thread that shows multiple games would be more helpful to new users. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve merged the threads


Here is a YouTube video of me completing a puzzle in Palapeli, which is a free puzzle
software in the TrueOS repository.

Note after the game, I show some other things in my Lumina 1.2.1 desktop, and that
App Cafe will not open.


I added some more game demos to my YouTube channel. Obviously, I am a novice
and a poor gamer. But the intentions are good. Once I learn how to play these
games better, and get a microphone, maybe I will make a better video.


I think I have 7 game demos on YouTube using TrueOS. Here is my latest:


Thanks – through that screen recording, I discovered Shutter. Did you simply find it in AppCafe, or did someone recommend Shutter to you?

A great feature set. Shoot a menu, shoot a series of virtual desktops, and so on:

… FocusWriter ( 1.6.3 ), found in the TrueOS repository. I believe it is based on Qt 5.6 and seems to work well for what it was designed for, making simple quick notes or letters. …

Nice, but my work sometimes requires things such as LibreOffice so I refrained from installing FocusWriter. Here:

$ pkg search FocusWriter
focuswriter-1.6.3_1            Simple, distraction-free writing environment
$ sudo pkg-static install focuswriter
Updating trueos-base repository catalogue...
trueos-base repository is up-to-date.
Updating trueos-major repository catalogue...
trueos-major repository is up-to-date.
All repositories are up-to-date.
The following 8 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):
Installed packages to be REMOVED:
New packages to be INSTALLED:
        focuswriter: 1.6.3_1 [trueos-major]
Installed packages to be UPGRADED:
        hunspell: 1.5.4 -> 1.6.0 [trueos-major]
        firefox: 50.1.0_4,1 -> 50.1.0_5,1 [trueos-major]
        libxul: 45.6.0_3 -> 45.6.0_4 [trueos-major]
        enchant: 1.6.0_6 -> 1.6.0_7 [trueos-major]
        qupzilla-qt5: 1.8.9_1 -> 1.8.9_2 [trueos-major]
        thunderbird: 45.5.1_6 -> 45.6.0_1 [trueos-major]
Number of packages to be removed: 1
Number of packages to be installed: 1
Number of packages to be upgraded: 6
The operation will free 353 MiB.
143 MiB to be downloaded.
Proceed with this action? [y/N]: n

– I chose to not proceed, to not remove LibreOffice.

Side note: above, my use of pkg-static is extraordinary. If you work from the command line, it’s preferable to use pkg.

Without removing things …

With the jails feature of FreeBSD it should be possible to have, for example:

  • FocusWriter installed in the normal way, LibreOffice in a jail; or
  • LibreOffice installed in the normal way, FocusWriter in a jail

– and so on. However …

I can’t describe creation or management of jails as friendly to novices. Maybe later this year things will become more user-friendly. if you want a technical point of reference


Here is a demo of 2048-Qt. Unfortunately it was only the 2nd time I have ever played it and I
am certainly not mentally proficient at math puzzles.


This post was written using the latest version of FocusWriter ( 1.6.3 ), found
in the TrueOS repository. I believe it is based on Qt 5.6 and seems to work
well for what it was designed for, making simple quick notes or letters. Then
I just cut and pasted here.

I am a computer novice. I have made 6 game video demos using
TrueOS and published them on YouTube. These demo videos are quiet amateurish
as I do not yet know how to make them more professional, nor am
I am a gamer. Below are the links:

The link below was my first impression video of TrueOS

Hopefully, later in 2017, myself or someone else more knowledgeable will
make a better video.


I added the game Xonotic to demos of games on Youtube. Unfortunately, I have
integrated graphics and do not know how to play the game.

What would be the least expensive video card that I could install to improve this
video recording performance ?? I have Intel i7 6700. So would it do any good
to use a $ 50 ( US dollars ) range video card ? I assume I would get Nvidia, but what brand ??


Hey TrueOS fans, I have upgraded my video demo on YouTube of the game 2048-Qt. This was only my 3rd time to play it, but I think I got the gist of it now.


I haven’t tried Minecraft in TrueOS yes, but it has worked pretty well in PCBSD 10. Better than in Windows and Linux.


Here is my latest game demo video. This is my first ever YouTube video with sound, as I did not know until tonight how to set the game sounds in OBS Studio.

Obviously, I have no experience with gaming. I will try to upgrade this video someday.

The game is “Adventures of the Planet Zephulor.” I guess that is a game from January, 2006, as that is when SourceForge claims it was last updated.

Can anybody make the window bigger ???

Here is some more info about the game:


I just made another game demo for YouTube. The game "Assault Cube."
Unfortunately, I have no earthly idea yet how to play these kind of games. The video
did not turn out very good. I will try to upgrade it once I figure out what I am doing.


Here is a game demo of Monster Masher 1.8.1 in the TrueOS repository.
According to the developer’s web-site he is no longer developing the game,
and that it is finished.

I have not read the rules, but it seems straight forward. Squash the


I have added another game demo to my YouTube Channel

Here is one from 1994 ( the game Asylum )

The main purpose of these videos is to show newbies that there are lots of
free software in the TrueOS repository, but also to show my progress in
learning things about TrueOS as I go from newbie to novice, etc.



There’s no longer a conflict with LibreOffice, so I installed it.

Whilst I like the general idea, for example –

– I realised that it does not support composed (Control-Shift-U) entry of Unicode characters. In the screenshot above:

  • I keyed Control-Shift-U 2013 for ‘en dash’ punctuation, a single character,
  • FocusWriter interpreted the keystrokes as multiple characters, 2013

It’s possible to copy from other applications, such as KCharSelect –

– then paste into FocusWriter, but switching between applications defeats the purpose of FocusWriter.

Here’s LibreOffice Writer in full screen mode, with focus on what’s written:


I added a new YouTube video to my channel:


I added a new game demo video to my YouTube Channel.

This one is the old Bubble Chains.

This was my 3rd time to play the game.

I have not yet learned how to make higher resolution videos.