Dell E6410 Video issues


Hello All!

First time poster.

I am currently install the latest TrueOS on a Dell E6410 laptop. I occasionally have an acpi issue that i will work around point.

Currently i have an issue with my video. When attempting to install with everything default, i would get to a screen with the mouse and a blinking cursor. I would type in keyboard letters but not move the mouse.

After some playing around I was able to get to the installer by using safe mode and vesa failback.

Upon first install, i attempted to install with the nvidia 340 drivers. These have worked on previous linux installs, so i figured i would try them here.

I was met with just a login prompt. No video.

On irc it was suggested i try again but WITHOUT selecting video. I attempted this only to now booting up and back to the black screen with a non-responsive mouse. I am unable to get myself back into “SAFE MODE” in order to get back into a proper video mode.

Are there any suggestions on where I can go from here?



Attempted to switch to scfb, in /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but it seems to revert upon reboot.


IMHO, the best option on changing the xorg.conf, is to boot into “single user” mode, and remount hd for rw, then edit the /etc/X11/xorg.conf


for reasons yet unknown to me, it seems to switch it back to vesa.


I have reported the borkedness of the installer:


I would like to hear any workarounds to installing a recent TrueOS other than downloading an older installer because I don’t think the old installers are available for download are they?

If you can find a TrueOS install iso from around March 2017 or earlier it will probably install fine for you, just be sure to update straight after installation.


I am going to try this guys post, when i get home today.


nano doesn’t work on my machine… vi does though.


Well… i wouldnt install nano… i was referring to the steps that were taken. :stuck_out_tongue:


I found a 3-31-17 image on linuxtorrents. First attempt this morning was a fail.

Is there an archive FTP site somewhere that has these old images?


Same issues with the latest nightlies as well. :frowning:


there are NO nightlies.

have you attempted with the latest UNSTABLE ISO/IMG?


I apologies. Yes. The latest nightly. I had to install with safe mode and vesa. installed, booted and brought to the login prompt.

I see in the /etc/xorg/xorg.conf, that the driver is labled VESA


was making sure we were on the same page.

I didn’t see whether you used a DVD or USB drive. Shouldn’t matter, but …

You have attempted with both STABLE and UNSTABLE?

grasping at straws here


Yes. Both stable and unstable. Under the last stable I was getting X to attempt to start and it just hung. On this latest, it seems as if X is not even installed…

Using USB


the joys of running 12.0-CURRENT. Things are never the same with each release

i’ll speak a little heresy

search GhostBSD, I think they have a 10.3 (older drivers) and a 11.* release.

See if either of these install.

Like I said, I’m grasping at straws at this point. This way we can narrow it down to 10., 11, or 12.0-CURRENT


I have gotten FreeBSD 11 and 12-current to install with working X


I know TrueOS pulls from DRM-NEXT which is somewhat different than normal 12.0-=CURRENT.

no idea at this moment


Interesting enough, it seems like X isnt installed on the latest nightly. I am going to try another install, this time without installing any nvidia drivers at the start.

After that, I am out of ideas. :frowning:


Second install, xorg does not appear to be installed. going to try install manually and seeing where it goes.