Debug flag left in the latest Kernel?


Hey all,

This is my kernel output from after the last upgrade.

I’ve never seen kernel spew like this before! I didn’t see any panics on a quick scan so I assume someone left a debug flag on?

[russellh@Prescott] ~> uname -a
FreeBSD Prescott.highfell.local 12.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #14 f92c24b(drm-next-4.7): Fri Jan 6 19:28:21 UTC 2017 root@gauntlet:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC amd64




If you’re talking about the “Limiting …” logs, I have a bit more info here. It was a change in upstream FreeBSD that causes them. You can bump a sysctl to turn the messages off.


Thanks, I’ll turn that off after I get to examine it for a bit. :wink: