Crash if plug in or plug off the Power Supply


i use a Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK S760 with TrueOS from 2017-03-31 in 64bit as Desktop Edtion.
If i plug in or plug out the System crash.

See Image please:

How can i fix that ?



Which variant? There were 6 different versions of that notebook. Do you happen to know which CPU/GPU your has? If you’re unsure, run
dmesg > dmesg.out.txt
and then upload that to a site like

I know some of the older Intel Architectures have problems under the newer DRM (my old Iron Lake did). If memory serves the cpus in that lifebook were pre sandy bridge. Not sure if that would be the issue, or if you have the model with the nvidia card, which opens up a whole realm of other potential compatibility issues.


sorry it takes longer to get access to the laptop.
here is the output of: dmesg

i made updates an reboot today but the error is still there, it crash if plug / unplug the power supply