Content for the FAQ Section?


Currently clicking on the FAQ link here:
opens the guidelines only but there are Q&A threads out here.
Wouldn’t it be helpful to gather some of these questions and answers in the FAQ section?
For instance this question:
(2) If I would remove the directories from Favorites on the main menu, is it possible to undo that somehow?
2) Yes - the user’s favorites are just a simple line within the ~/.config/lumina-desktop/favorites.list file. The Insight file manager used to have the ability to set/remove “favorite” directories and files a little while back, but I just looked again and it appears that the favorites system was not migrated over to the latest version of lumina-fm. I will fix that here soon…
With the path to the ‘favorites.list’ I was able to change ‘vlc.desktop::::app::::/usr/local/share/applications/vlc.desktop’ to ‘deadbeef.desktop::::app::::/usr/local/share/applications/deadbeef.desktop’ and have now my personal favourite application at the top of my start menu.
So I think there are already questions and answers worth to be found in the FAQ section.


I think updating the FAQ is a great idea!
If you want to start collecting newer questions/answers from here on the forums (or anything else you can think of that would be good to put on there), just send them over to me and I can review them and put them up on the FAQ page for you.


Thank you for your quick reply @beanpole135!

I will try to do this.


Just to close out this thread, there is now a public “TrueOS Tips, Tricks, and FAQ” thread that is pinned globally for the forums. This is the new FAQ for the site, so feel free to add new entries to there as you see fit. I have also gotten it tied into Discourse so that the “FAQ” button in the menu should now redirect to that thread as well.