Conky disappearing when I click on desktop


I have just installed conky with a simple config file : conkyrc
For transparency I have enabled Composition Manager, clearing Desktop Settings - Windows Settings - Disable Composition Manager.
But when i click on desktop the conky window disappears.

Any idea ?



I’m having the same thing. But I added conky to my Autostart (Preferences > Autostart). If I click now on my desktop, conky dissapears but comes back (restarts) 3 seconds later.
Not a solution but maybe a workaround for now.


You are right, after some time the conky window reappears. On my laptop it reappears after some seconds on a mac mini randomly. I will open an issue on GitHub.


Just openet the issue on GitHub: Conky window dissapears when I click on desktop.
Please comment here,thanks.


I have also added conky to autostart, but it reappeared only once. After second click to desktop, it did not came back.


Try “Start - Control Panel” it should reappear.