Configuring a Huawei USB modem


Hello to all,
I would like some help on how to configure a Huawei USB modem. On a debian based distro, the modem conneccts using the cdc_ether driver. However I have not been able to connect to my ISP with TrueOS yet.
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I doubt anyone here has tried that.

web search for “freebsd huawei usb modem” comes up with a number of entries;

best i can offer


maybe look here as well


following this suggested link :;
I keep getting stuck here navigating to this directory : “/usr/src/sys/dev/usb/” which on TrueOS tells me it does not exist ! Any help ?


Hi neerseer! Sorry for my bad English…

I am owner of USB 4G/3G Huawei E3372 (Russian model ISP Megafon M150-2) and this Huawei E3372 successfully works with FreeBSD. I dont try it on TrueOS, but situation is near the same like this: if you configure your USB modem as “only modem with micro-sd cardreader” mode with the special AT-command in minicom terminal on Linux and plug it to USB port on FreeBSD/TrueOS computer, FreeBSD/TrueOS kernel module “u3g” detect your USB modem and create the devices /dev/cuaU*. If you find this files in /dev/ directory then your model of USB modem is supported and all OK. Then you need to configure /etc/ppp/ppp.conf for AT-init string and to connect modem to the internet: # ppp -ddial papchap. Also you can to add user “name” to group “network” and to add some line to ppp.conf, and then your user (not root) can connect to the internet. Also I am take experiments to install FreeBSD to micro-sd card of this USB modem, boot FreeBSD from this sd inserted in modem and connect to internet via this modem :slight_smile: without use of HDD or SSD.


Addition 1: After usb modem configuration in FreeBSD is end you can edit the part of file /etc/defaults/rc.conf for auto-connection at startup if internet traffic on or ddial for permanent connection.

User ppp configuration.

ppp_enable=“YES” # Start user-ppp (or NO).
ppp_program="/usr/sbin/ppp" # Path to user-ppp program.
ppp_mode=“auto or ddial” # Choice of “auto”, “ddial”, “direct” or “dedicated”. # For details see man page for ppp(8). Default is auto.
ppp_nat=“YES” # Use PPP’s internal network address translation or NO.
ppp_profile=“papchap” # Which profile to use from /etc/ppp/ppp.conf.
ppp_user=“username or root” # Which user to run ppp as



I successfully configured 3G/4G USB modem Huawei E3372 on TrueOS-17.12-STABLE and manually connected to Internet.

My /etc/ppp/ppp.conf file. For connection run: % ppp -ddial megafon (in my case for ISP Megafon provider).

DNS: Google (nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf). User “dmitry” was added to group “network”.

Right now some probmems with auto-connection for /etc/defaults/rc.conf.

Problems with the backslashes in discourse so I am to publish a picture.


Some additional info for [Huawei] USB 3G/4G modems on Russian language, please translate it with Google translator.