Clementine Not Stereo?


The music I am hearing in the clementine player does not appear to be in stereo. I don’t know if the problem is with Clementine or True’s audio mixer. Anyone else notice this? Are there alternative audio mixers available other than the default one?

Edit: The problem may be audio quality, rather than lack of stereo. I listened to one of my own compositions, which I know very well, and it did sound like stereo (the flute was on the left where it should be). So it may be more an issue of audio quality, and how to improve it.


I’m wondering if the problem is Pulse Audio. It does not appear to be installed on my system. However, when I install it from App Cafe, it says it’s already installed. But it does not show up in Services. In the Volume Mixer, it is greyed-out. There is a choice to restart Pulse audio there, but nothing happens when I select it.


Got it. After some research on the forum, I installed PavuControl and PavuMeter, rebooted and voila, I have wonderful sound now.


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