Cleaning up... process take a very long time


Hello folks,

I’am new at TrueOS but old at Unix.

Today I try to reinstall trueOS on my laptop (Acer V3/372) with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

I already successfully install trueOS on this machine (same source as today).

But during the first installation I “forgot” to crypt my disk. I did it this.

I use the graphical installer and every things seems ok but the “Cleaning up…” process take a very long time ) more than 2 hours for now.

Is it because I choose to crypt my disk and the “Cleaning up…” process remove (erase) all the disk for security?

That the only reason I can imagine.

If you know why this part is so long, thanks for your answer,



Not sure about cleaning up. is hard drive light on?

As for encrypting the HD, BSD Loader/UEFI or something else?

UEFI/BSD Loader encryption is not working still. Have heard that the “fix” is in the last stages of being tested and should be released Real Soon Now (RSN)


Hello RodMyers,

Thanks to take time about my issue.

No hard drive light on my laptop (as many new laptop) :frowning: But the USB key light is flashing.

I used to encrypt all the disk with BSD Loader/UEFI (geli should ask me a password at boot time before anything else).
Did you things that why the “Cleanning up…” process is so long. The installer cannot encrypt the boot Loader?

May be I should try to encrypt my home dir?

Thanks again for you time and your information.



Very good questions… How long did you wait while it ran “Cleaning up…”?

Since you mentioned using a USB drive, it may take a while longer than normal.

UEFI/BSD Loader geli encryption has been broke for some where over the year mark.


I’ve been very patient, I wait for more than 4 hours before try something else.

I just try without any special option and this time the installation failed. I cannot save the message because I don’t have a MBR formatted usb key with me (I will create one for the next try). But the main message is “cannot umount /mnt”

I don’t know if it could help.

For now I will use a Linux to erase all zfs dataset and zpool, then I will retry.