Cinnamon with TrueOS - do not work !?


Dear all ,

I try to get the Cinnamon Desktop on my TrueOS and I was … somehow succesful to get it on the System but up to the next System updates I got a total System crash.
Afterwards I did a brand new installation.
Now Im fighting to get the Cinnamon Desktop installed. But all the time it crashed …
Did somebody has the same issue or maybe already some experaince with a “how to” ?
Many thanks in advance


I see only that Cinnamon crashes, I have no idea why (sorry) but I vaguely recall it crashing similarly a long time ago.


core file, anything in dmesg that may indicate why?m Isn’t Cinnamon an “alternate look” for Gnome3 stuff?


I got Cinnamon working in PC-BSD 10 a long time ago, but then, after it started crashing, I haven’t tried anymore.
I recall having read somewhere that Cinnamon is currently unsupported in TrueOS. I can’t remember where.


While Cinnamon is available on FreeBSD/TrueOS, the TrueOS team does not officially recommend/support it (Lumina is the only desktop officially supported by the TrueOS project).

Please contact the FreeBSD port maintainers[1] for the cinnamon port when trying to address/resolve issues with it.


That all being said, it is still possible that some other TrueOS user can help you out with this (even if I can’t), so I will just tag this as an “external package” support request.