Cheese: no device found


I wanted to use Cheese but it gives me a “No device found”. pwcview works though. Any ideas what the reason could be? Is there any webcam-applicatoin officially supported by TrueOS?


Hi from newbie
-It seems to me that Cheese is the application?
-pwcview give me “command not found”,may be I have to install it?
-if there is no drivers for our cam ,how can Cheese works?
I am like you,my cam Microsoft (model 1407) is not recognize and Cheese doesn’t launch,when I 'click"on the icon.
Good luck


I just installed (will be removing it after this) cheese and the rest of the gnome cruft. added my user to the group webcamd, and it launched and found the web cam


I’m going to take a wild guess, but the big key is probably

I don’t do much with webcams (the old face for radio thing) so I disable webcamd, but there is probably a lot of configuration you can do with it.


Which alternative is recommended to take pictures of the internal / a USB camera?


Not sure on the freebsd side.

Cheese will do the job

Maybe @mer has a better solution?


“Tag I’m it”. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any solution; most I do with webcams is “Google Hangouts” with people at work, but that is very rarely.

Maybe some of the folks involved with BSDNow? I don’t know if they are Skyping or doing something else to make it look like they’re video conferencing.


They use windos and Skype. I know you’re a long time freebsd user,which is why I asked


I figured that, but video stuff is one thing that’s never interested me. Took be a long time to get rid of my film cameras and darkroom stuff for a DSLR.


Unfortunately it does not:

“There was an error playing video from the webcam”

I do not need it often, sometimes I have to take some pictures from an USB-microscope. I would like that working on FreeBSD, but as long as the Mac works fine …


I don’t use it, so no other ideas


Hi from novice
i think "added my user to the group webcamd"may be the key for me.
I don’t now how to add webcamd for myself.
Into the Control panel/user manager,there are 2 windows
-on the left in Groups/standard/operator and wheel
-on the right (for operator in the left) there are in Users/Members
my loggin name
how to become a cam user, although I have the impression of being one already, from what I see.Handbook seem brief about.


To add your account to a group

sudo pw useradd jerry -m webcamd

change “jerry” to your account


Hi from novice
I have to find how to send you a snapshot of my control panel,as you can see your command don’t help me. My loggin name "xxxxxx"is already in the operator list as user.
I think your command should link webcamd to user, but the answer tell the user already exist? that disturb me.
i don’t understand more with man pw ,and why can’t we do that with the control panel?

sudo pw useradd xxxxxx -m webcamd
Mot de passe :
pw: login name `xxxxxx’ already exists



Bring up the Sysadm client (what you call control panel), go to Users.
You should see 2 tabs, Users and Groups
Click on the Groups tab
Left hand side should have Standard and Advanced, right hand side should have Users with 2 columns, Members and Available.
On the left had side, click on Advanced, that will give you the whole list of groups. Scroll down look for webcamd, and select it.
Now look to the right hand side, Members is probably empty, look for your username in the Available list and select it.
On the right hand side there are 2 buttons, one under Users, pointing right (says remove if you hover your mouse over it), one under Available pointing left (says add if you hover over it) . Click the Add button and you should see your username appear in the Members list. Click the Save button and you should be all set.

@RodMyers command is almost correct. Since your user already exists it should be:

sudo pw usermod xxxxxx -G webcamd

the command he gave will try and add a new user, since you already exist it fails.

man pw will show the manpage (help) for the pw command he used.



I followed your reasoning,but you tell"Members is probably empty",it is not ,he see my user name,so I can add again,or remove and add?
When I installed Cheese with AppCafe and I didn’t nothing in User manager,until I query here.The Cheese icon came automatically on the desk
I must understand that the correct command is yours?


Yes, sudo pw usermod xxxx -G webcamd should add user xxxx to the webcamd group.
if you do:

cat /etc/group | grep webcam

you should see user xxxx in the output.
It should be something like this (username johnny):

cat /etc/group | grep webcam