CD burner changes permissions?


Does both tkdvd and x-cd-roast change file permissions? I need to burn backup DVD’s. I believe tkdvd changed permissions to root.


On the source files or the files on DVD? I can see on the DVD because writing to that device may need elevated permissions, but the original files should not have the permissions changed.

It’s ok if it’s the DVD, just remember when you copy them off the DVD, you do a “sudo chown username:username file” (put your username instead of “username”)

chown -R will “change owner, recursively”


On the users files including added user. Used tkdvd. Thought I saw something that said tkdvd would change file permissions to root. So nothing could be copied from the dvd. It was read only. I may have to copy from terminal, but not sure how to copy (cp) from da0 to home directory. For now, I am okay. Had identical copies on external drive which is starting to quit eating. It actually started up out of the blue and I was able to copy those files.