Can't Boot TrueOS


I have installed the latest TrueOS from USB image, all seemed to go well, it prompted to reboot and remove the USB, did that, but all I get is black screen with a flashing cursor. I have tried various “fixes” listed here, none work. I really want this to work. The PC BIOS settings have been turn off secure boot and enable CSM, no changes.


Try UEFI with secure boot off. Disable csm.


I have two options for UEFI in this Asus BIOS. Windows 8 UEFI or Other Legacy & UEFI. Neither selection works.


Add to last reply, sub menu from Windows 8 UEFI are Standard or Custom. If custom is selected, it has further sub menu for Key Management


It’d help if you posted a mb model or laptop model.

Anyway, I don’t have any asus available, so it’s all pure speculation on me behalf. Simple googling shows asus owners doing all kind of crazy stuff to disable secure boot. Here’s an example:

Yet, we do have the option to disable the secure boot by clearing secure boot keys. This is reversible…

Should I remind you’re doing it at your own risk. Maybe start with updating bios first, then look for explicit simple “secure boot -> disable” option.