Cannot install OS & get "Fatal" server error:


Trying to install True OS v 18.03.04 from ISO-DVD to a Desktop.

I get “Fatal” server error: No screens found.
Not connecting to X server.

further down…
Error: Failed to start X
Droppping to failsafe console… Edit /etc/x11/xorg.conf, and run #startx to bring up the gui.
[Press enter to continue]

Mouse pointer is movable on the terminal screen, which means that it is connected to X Server ?,

Any ideas ?


What is your Video card?


Hi Rod,
It’s an ASUS R7-360 OC 2GD5.
It’s in an old Asus A4 motherboard, that has an APU build in,
and bypassed by discrete card.
BIOS/EFI was kept up to date.



Have you tried booting the install disk without the R7 installed? May be able to get it installed without it than work on getting the R7 working.

Also, which APU are you using?


Nope. FreeBSD has a mouse daemon that runs on the terminal console to give you basic mouse actions like highlighting so you can “click and paste”.

You’re probably going to want to post up Xorg.0.log and the output of pciconf -v so folks can try and help. It could be something as simple as needing to specify the device id correctly in the xorg.conf