Can You Offer a Boot Solution For Latest TrueOS


It supports UEFI, but no secure mode? Strange to me, but who knows. Your notebook is from 2008? so it may not support gpt partitioned drives well. What you can try is to set protective master boot record flag on usb drive after dd’ing. On Linux:

parted /dev/sdb disk_set pmbr_boot on

Just make sure to use the usb drive name. It may or may not work for you, as usually it requires for a special protective boot record to actually be present on a disk (with the flag set). If it works, consider to file a bug. Frankly, all that stuff is a bit over my head.

Personally, I’d probably just install vanilla FreeBSD on the laptop, as Trident could be a bit too heavy for it.


Thanks again for all your help…I have installed FreeBSD 12 with XFCE on the laptop HD.

I do have Trident/Lumina on the Desktop to explore. Liking It so far!

lumina is available as FreeBSD package:



@vit…wow, that worked… my TridentUSB booted on the laptop and I went ahead and installed it to the Drive. I couldn’t tackle it earlier, well truth is I thought it was going to be more complex. You know your stuff…thanks very much!

Don’t know what it did but It did the job,very much appreciated!